Our Church Ministries

These are the various wings and departments of The Light of the World Ministries International

Men’s Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to address the needs and concerns of all men, through providing support and camaderie for the men as well as a platform for interaction and consultation on all issues relating to men.This ministry work to equip men with the tools they need to find peace and purpose in their roles as leaders, husbands, fathers and friends. The ministry seeks to help men learn how to balance work and family life, build stronger marriages, become better fathers, grow spiritually and enjoy Christian fellowship.

Women’s Ministry

The mission of this ministry is to address the needs and concerns of the Christian Woman. Their goal is to ultimately enhance every woman's spiritual journey, provide opportunities to utilize one’s gifts through serving in the church and building up the vision of the church; as well as, provide a platform for interaction and support on all issues relating to women.

Prayer Ministry

Outlet of the ministry that is responsible for coordinating the prayer activities of the church that run throughout the week on schedules that the church is informed about. Prayer Line Ministry- prayer phone group which is held throughout the week that meets over the phone to participate in intercessory prayer activities.

Youth Ministry

LOTW offers an active youth ministry geared towards middle school and high school students to address their emotional, social, and spiritual needs. The ministry incorporates a variety of activities and exciting events to help young people build positive relationships develop support systems and become all that they can. The ministry focuses on issues that are exclusive and relevant to there age group.

Couple's Ministry

This ministry is committed to "honoring the marriage covenant" by supporting strong Christian marriages. In every stage and in every circumstance of life, we want to encourage and enrich godly, lifelong marriages while holding to the truth of God's Word and defending the covenant relationship that God has established between one man and one woman.

Evangelism Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the soul winning campaigns which endeavors to fulfill the great commission. Organizes outreaches, visitations and any other activities to reach those in need.

Care/Hospitality Ministry

This ministry coordinates follow-ups to visitors/guests, helps to keep lines open to the enquirers into church programs and activities; as well as, visitations to the homes of church

Singles Ministry

This ministry caters to the Adult Singles who not legally married to strengthen their relationships with the Lord and develop meaningful relationships with each other. Through Bible studies, fellowships and service projects, this ministry strives to share God's truth about life and how it relates to the relationships and responsibilities of single adults.Christian Benevolent Association (C.B.A.)

This association is a voluntary association of willing members who bond together to provide assistance to each other in times of bereavement, weddings, educational accomplishments and other occasions for moral support.

Health Care Ministry

This ministry caters to the First Aid needs of the church and organizes Health Fairs and seminars, as well as other relevant health education programs.

Children Ministry

The Children’s Ministry seek to ignite little leaders in all areas of children’s ministry, (age 2 through 12) to launch dynamic Christ-centered ministry that affect children’s lives with the love of Jesus so every child knows and experiences His grace. LOTW offers weekly Children Church on Sunday.

Worship & Music Ministry

This ministry focuses on serving as a vessel to enhance the Kingdom of God through music. We strive for music excellence to bring traditional and contemporary styles of music to the worship experience. The music ministry assists the church in fulfilling the scripture that states that we are to make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Christian Education Department

The Christian Education Department is a growing area of our church which seeks to combat biblical ignorance through the in-depth study of God's word. The goal is to provide programs that will train leaders to work in God's ministries. For those who are seasoned Christians, as well as those early in their journey of defining their faith, you will find a place under the umbrella of Christian Education. There are four areas that are a part of this ministry: Sunday School, Bible study, Vacation Bible School (VBS), and New Member Orientation.

Media Ministry

This ministry oversees the audio, some external/internal communication and website functions for the church. This ministry is also responsible operating the projector device during church services, for controlling and maintaining the sound equipment, and other relevant equipment.

Special Invitation

Consecration and Elevation Ceremony

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your family to celebrate with us the Consecration and Elevation of our General Overseer Rev. Dr. Isaac Arku to the Episcopal Office of Bishop

Bishop Isaac M. Arku’s Consecration Gallery