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Light of The World School of Ministry

Light of the World School of Ministry (LOWSOM) is an educational outreach of The Light of the World Christian Ministries International. The School is designed to provide sound biblical education, training, help and encouragement to Ministers, Pastors, Church leaders, Christian workers and students for their enrichment and for the work of the ministry entrusted to them by God. Light of the World School of Ministry is operated under the charter of The Light of the World Christian Ministries International with its head quarters in New York.

Light of the World School of Ministry, Int., formally known as “Arku Summer Seminars,” was officially turned to School of Ministry on 26th day of July 2007. It all happened after Rev. Dr. Isaac Arku, from New York, came to Techiman, Ghana, for a day seminar. This was his second annual trip to our area. Dr. Arku spoke on the topics, “The Minister as a Family Man” and “Mental Soundness leads to Emotional Stability”. During the snack break, one of the participants approached Dr. Arku urging him of making such kind of teaching a yearly program. This inspired revelation did not end at Faith Baptist Church where the seminar took place. We felt that God was about to turn “Arku Summer Seminars” to School of Ministry to benefit His people.

Four days after the seminar, Brother Paul Paarko went to Kumasi to discuss how best this vision would come to pass. Thank God, after four-hour discussion with Rev. Dr. Arku on many issues, it was agreed that Arku Summer Seminars should now be turned to a School of Ministry under the Light of The World Christian Ministries, Int. Joyfully, Servant Paul returned and reported the outcome of the meeting with Rev. Dr. Isaac M. Arku to Rev. Prince Owusu Asaku and Rev. William Appiah-Kubi, who are now the President and Vice President of the School of Ministry in Ghana.

Our first meeting was held on the 26th July, 2007 at 9:20am at Grace Tabernacle Church with five people, namely; Rev. Prince Owusu Asaku, Rev. William Appiah-Kubi, Pastor R. S. Tano, Pastor Joshua Amponsah and Servant Paul K. Osei Paarko. Today we have four Charters in Ghana and weekly radio broadcast on Mondays at 5:30am to 6:00am. We give God all the glory for the revelation and the implementation of the School.


Light of the World School of Ministry (LOWSOM) affirms the Trinity of God, The Deity of Christ, The divine inspiration and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures, Personal salvation through the shed blood of Christ, the second coming and the resurrection of the dead. (For further inquiry, please request our Constitution and Statement of Faith.)
The School does not discriminate on the bases of race, color or national origin in its development of education, training, worship and policies. However, since Light of the World School of Ministry is an educational arm of The Light of the World Christian Ministries International, which reflects Christian values, it reserves the right to dismiss any individual from its operations and worship, if it is determined that the individual is engaging in behavior which is incommensurate with acceptable Christian standards.


The main vision of the Light of the World School of Ministry is to educate, train, counsel, encourage, and support ministers, Church leaders, and Christian workers to effectively and passionately reach the World with the Glorious Gospel Light of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

To obtain more information on the School of Ministry, or to open a charter in your area, please contact:


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