Mission Statement


Although, the message of the Gospel has not changed, we realize that the world has changed and continues to change. The quality and success of the Christian ministry now are often determined by the minister’s preparation, passion, anointing, and the ability to think critically, biblically, theologically, and compassionately as he performs his sacerdotal duties. Light of the World School of Ministry is called alongside to give such individual a boost to fulfill God’s mandate.

In seeking to fulfill this purpose, Light of the World School of Ministry is therefore committed to:

1. Providing theological and Christian education for ministers, church leaders and Christian workers worldwide.
2. Helping ministers to further explore and enhance sound biblical truths for their enrichment and for the work of the ministry.
3. Providing up-to-date tools that would enhance and revitalize their strategies in the local Church and the in the community where they serve.
4. Providing seminars and workshops designed to renew vision and reignite passion for the ministry.
5. Providing and assisting both the clergy and the laity to achieve a high level of excellence that would enhance their productivity.
6 Providing spiritual nourishment, edification, and guidance to those who are called by God and need direction.
7. Providing leadership training for Church leaders and Christian workers.
8. Promoting and creating the awareness of the minister’s mental health, emotional stability, physical health, social enrichment, and godly prosperity.
9. Promoting and creating the awareness of the importance of the Minister and his family.
10. Providing week-end seminars, retreats, and classes to promote and empower ministers and the laity to fully express their life commitment to God, their family, the Church and for the winning of souls.